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How Centre Against Domestic Abuse reimagined its Accounting Technology.

Good Tech for Good Work

“This year we actually went on holiday at the same time—for more than two weeks—we’d never have been able to do that before the new system”.

Vicki Cole, Corporate Services Manager at CADA

The Challenge—Pay Run to Pay Walk

The Centre Against Domestic Abuse (CADA) in Moreton Bay faced funding and payroll complexity. Detailed reporting and allocations across over $6m in local, state and federal funding, plus the notorious SCHADS Award applied to 60 staff meant pay runs were eating time better spent on organisational development. CADA approached SRJ Walker Wayland to reimagine its accounting tech stack and free up its people.

The Opportunity—Ground-up System Change

Specialist Systems Accountant Michelle Irwin worked closely with CADA to understand its needs, and put together a new tech stack using Xero, and taking advantage of its Dext integration to scan and handle all invoices. The new system’s Tanda integration also improved timesheets processing just in time for remote work, with staff now able to avoid in-person sign-offs—while actually improving security.

The Outcome—Reaping Rewards

The new systems at CADA have streamlined its accounting by reducing paper and lag, freeing up workers to keep service levels high in other crucial areas. Staff like the new capacity to pre-organise pay runs. The finance team has also been able to take holidays at the same time—a new milestone.

"Michelle's ongoing support has been great - she never laughs at any silly questions - it makes all the difference".

Ally Willemsen, Payroll Officer at CADA
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