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Bootstraps and Bathing

5 Ways Soak Bathhouse Became a Thriving Health Business

Find out how entrepreneur Niki Dean turned a bootstrap business into a multi-million dollar enterprise—by partnering with SRJ Walker Wayland.

Can you imagine running your entire business from your phone?
Learn how Niki Dean did it inside.

You’ll find inside

  • Getting business foundations right
  • Partnering for growth and peace of mind
  • Learning to evolve into new business areas

You’ll get the benefits

  • Clarity on goals and outcomes
  • Outsource the work that can best fits
  • Align goals with emerging areas of business

We’re everywhere your business needs a breakthrough.

At SRJ Walker Wayland, we’re there when it’s time to plot a course—with proactive strategic planning and performance coaching.

Transform your systems following this how-to guide.

"SRJ Walker Wayland got everything right first time—and I could focus on what I do best"

Niki Dean, Owner Soak Bathhouse